2click Update v5.3 Bug fix release

Urgent Bug Fix Release and two more languages added :

a) Fixed Bug affecting all previous releases : This bug prevents 2clickUpdate to show messages in user defined language even if user has copied the language pack of his/her choice.

b) Added Russian and Spanish language pack. Now languages available are:


Brazilian Portuguese





You can now translate instantly this software into your local language in 2 minutes ! Just visit https://translations.launchpad.net/2clickupdate and start the translation in the most easy way ever made available.

To install and be able to see program messages in your preferred language just create, as super user (root), a folder named as ” locale ” under /usr/local/share/ and then copy into this new folder you’ve crated the corresponding folder from ” translation pack “. If your environment is configured for example in Greek language and you’ve copied the ” el ” folder to the previously mentioned place, you will see the program messages in Greek language

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