2clickUpdate and 2cuCORE version 5.4

With these release I am happy to announce some improvments and minor changes landed in version 5.4 of 2clickUpdate and 2clickUpdateCORE. Until version 5.9 (the last of 5.x series) is out there will be more changes made available that will make this simple software better and better. Keep is touch…
But lets see whats new in this release…
2click Update 5.4
Now there is no need to make 2clickUpdate manually executable. When you first run ” auto_dependency_installer ” it will make 2clickUpdate executable. After that you just need to double click 2clickUpdate and press “run”
After fixing some minor Bugs an icon in upper left corner of 2clickUpdate is added. Last but not least, I would like to thank all the contributor that made the translation files available for this version. In this release two more translations are added (Bulgarian and Italian, please check contributors file for the translators). Available translations are:
· Albanian
· Brazilian Portuguese
. Bulgarian
· Greek
. Italian
· Russian
· Spanish
· Turkish
2click Update CORE 5.4
With these release there are some internal changes in the code. A welcome menu is introduced and an “installer” script alongside with the CORE edition.
From now on, you just run in terminal the “CORE auto installer” which will make 2clickUpdateCORE executable, install all the dependencies, and install it into your system (in /usr/bin). This way you can run CORE wherever you are (path) in terminal. There will be no need to be in the path, where 2clickUpdateCORE file is. After installation just hit “2clickUpdateCORE.sh” (Tab completion works) in terminal.
Lastly, when you run 2click Update CORE edition, there is a welcome menu introducing what CORE will do to your system, and an animation that will inform you how many tasks left to auto complete.
Thanks for contributing, using and commenting about 2clickUpdate…

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