iQunix OS: Clean, Fast and Simple OS

I am pleased to present to you a Linux distribution that I had in my mind for a while and was able to release it recently. The distribution is called iQunix OS and it is an Ubuntu based distribution. It is pronounced as i-qu-nix (iqunix_pronounce), and the focuses (or at least it tries to) on the respect that a simple *nix oriented operating system that should have on the intelligence (iq) of the end-user 🙂


Most Linux distributions come along with pre-installed applications, beautiful graphics, docks, gorgeous icons, that in most cases you will inevidablly change or modify them. For instance, when someone completes the installation of Ubuntu, the system has already applications pre-installed usually OpenOffice, Firefox, Evolution, MeMenu, Gwiber, Transmission and some other apps that the end-user may not even be aware of. The average user will ignore them and use his preferred applications like Chrome instead of Firefox, VLC instead of Totem Movie Pl, Twitter and Facebook instead of Gwiber and so on. Also the more experienced users will try to uninstall, all the applications that are in no use for them.

In contrast iQunix OS is just the Operating System with a clean Gnome desktop environment. There is just the minimum software stack that is required to make a functional desktop environment and actually nothing is pre-installed. This way iQunix lets the user decide how should his desktop look like and what applications he needs, respecting his intelligence.

What’s included

  • Gedit — Simple text editor
  • Terminal — For those who know the power of linux shell
  • 2Click Update — A simple, yet intuitive system maintenance app
  • Nautilus — The best file manager to manage your files and folders
  • Remastersys — To make a backup of your entire operating system with all your installed programs
  • Hardware Drivers installer — To automatically detect you systems graphic card and wireless network card and install the appropriate drivers
  • Synaptic Package Manager — To install the programs of your choice.

Users of iQunix can immediately start using Synaptic Package manager to install additional software, add his favorite icons, themes and wallpapers from Gnome Eyecandies, or from what ever he wants.

Advantages – Disadvantages

Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages if you decide to use iQunix OS


  • Speed – It is just the operating system without any preinstalled applications.
  • Ubuntu by nature — with all the available apps that are used by millions of users.
  • Support from the community of Ubuntu — A Google search on any topic combined with the word “Ubuntu” will return millions of results, user tips, articles and how-to’s.
  • It is lightweight without unnecessary system services running in the background


  • Adjustment Time- a necessary period of time is needed to adjust the system based on user needs.
  • It gives the same user experience offered by Windows, in which the OS is “empty” of applications and users must install the applications such as Office, Browser, Video Player, Music Player etc.
  • Core system environment – the power of choice and freedom is where the end user decides what he wants to install and not.
  • It is a bit “ugly” – the end user decides according to his aesthetic criteria of how beautiful should the desktop environment look like

Target Group

Average users

If you have ever installed Ubuntu (at least once), added your favorite applications and you have used it every day, then iQunix is the ideal environment to build your unique desktop environment.

Experienced users

iQunix is also suitable for those who prefer to have control of their system, from the ground up and to decide what should and what should not be installed. Usually these users are those who want the power of Debian without sacrificing the “amenities” offered by Ubuntu.


In work environments, professionals usually use a minimum sets of applications that are necessary for their work. iQunix is ideal for professionals because they get only the operating system on which they can install the applications that are necessary for their work. This way their “workstation” is not overloaded by unnecessary applications and thus making the system unstable.


If you are a researcher and use for example only one application (e.g Matlab) for complex mathematical algorithms, iQunix is the ideal environment because it does not compromise your system resources with applications and background services that are not in use.


Ubuntu project has been committed to a regular release cycle and has managed to deliver on that commitment without fail. As mentioned before, iQunix is based on Ubuntu, therefore it will follow the regular system maintenance updates provided by the Ubuntu community and Canonical. The current version of iQunix is based on Ubuntu 10.10 (it has all the system updates that have been released for Ubuntu since October 2010) and hence it will receive software maintenance updates until April 2012.

Also, we have a support section for iQunix to discuss your impressions and any problems you encounter. Finally, in future and depending on the needs we will provide some Patches and Wizards that can be run by the end user. The website of iQunix is at


You can start using iQunix OS, today by downloading your ISO files to test the Live CD/USB enviroment. You can burn the “.iso” file in a CD, move it to a USB memory stick using UneBootIn or try it in VirtualBox. Don’t worry if you have other Operating system installed in your PC. iQunix will recognize it and if you want to keep it, it will install a menu to choose the desired OS during boot.


For systems with less than 3GB Ram
For systems with more than 3GB Ram


As a Linux user you know what are your needs therefor, iQunix offers a clean environment with the known “easy to use” desktop of Ubuntu, to customize it according those needs. As your needs are personal and different from others, why should your OS not differ?

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