Oxygen Rom 2.1.4 available for download

As I stated on my previous post ( Upgrading HTC Desire to Android 2.3.4), I upgraded my stock 2.2 Android Rom (provided by HTC) with the Android 2.3.4 (Oxygen Rom 2.1.3 provided by the Oxygen community).

Today, I got some good news from a fellow friend. The founder of Oxygen Rom AdamG announced the availability of 2.1.4 Oxygen Rom.

This upgrade provides some new features and some bug fixes to the previous release :

  • Added CPU overclocking support to OxygenSettings
  • Added GRJ22 Google Apps incl. Talk2
  • Added option to hide status bar power widget indicator
  • Added support to constantly increase/decrease screen brightness depending on light conditions
  • Added support for Bulgarian & Croatian in LatinIME
  • Fixed bug which stopped some services restarting
  • Fixed call delay bug
  • Fixed wallpaper chooser Launcher2 bug
  • Fixed extra flashlight settings for status bar power widget
  • Fixed shutdown menu whilst in the lockscreen
  • Removed test keys
  • Signed release with custom keys to fix major Android security flaw
  • Updated APNs list
  • Updated busybox to v1.19
  • Updated su binary


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