Don’t Make Me Think

Today I am posting an interesting article from John James Jacoby, lead BuddyPress and bbPress developer at Automatic (WordPress), who adresses todays need for not only some better web design principles but also designing facts you have to know to provide a better user experience. Enjoy and leave a comment !


If you haven’t had the pleasure, Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think is a must-read book not just for web developers and designers, but for anyone that’s ever criticized a website, ever. I recently had the pleasure of reading it again as part of a work semi-assignment, and there were a few key points that really struck a chord with me (for the second time) I thought I’d share here.

Web users tend to act like sharks: They have to keep moving, or they’ll die.

Fact. With as busy as we all are and as convenient as the modern web is, this is more true than ever before. With the recent SOPA Blackout day, a dedicated Twitter account retweeted the cries of scornful users whose loss of the immediate Wikipedia access they’ve come to expect had many of them in a tailspin of emotion. Had these users taken the time to read the…

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