Apple to Google Maps: We switched to OpenStreet Maps, don’t tell anyone

Yesterday Apple launched iPhoto, its photo management app, for the iPad and iPhone. But rather seeing Google Maps being integrated in the app, there was something open… instead…

Well that is good new’s..

The problem is that they are afraid to use the word “open” and so the did not give any credit to the OpenStreetMaps Foundation. This is rather usual… No company with a proprietary philosophy will ever accept the term open or free/libre in their product announcements…

 According to a blog post over OpenStreet Maps Apple is getting its map data from the community-created mapping project. OpenStreetMap is an open service were anyone is free to use its data and maps at no charge. However, the Foundation kindly asks that anyone who uses the data, provide attribution to its contributors. So far, Apple hasn’t mentioned any contributors, nor has it acknowledged that it’s using OpenStreetMap data.

It’s ok though… better use open standards and not tell anyone rather use some proprietary sh*** that no one can benefit from.



  1. They did that in order to reduce the cost or perhaps you think its just an another chapter of the war bettwen Apple – Google?


    1. I am pretty sure that they did it just to piss off Google … 🙂
      Seriously it seems that nowadays every company tries to escape from monopolies and for Apple it is not just the maps but also when they announced the 4G LTE, they demoed Vimeo videos and not Youtube !!! 😉


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