BFS – BFQ optimized linux kernel packages ready for install

As my previous post was a bit of a surprise for many of Linux users out there, I decided to distribute my work, so that others also can benefit from BFS kernel.

Not many people are willing to compile a linux kernel from source but would definitely install a prepackaged one if they were given the opportunity.

So… I have some good news for anyone interested. As you may know I keep posting any news about stable releases of Linux Kernel and updates about Zen Kernel. Well today, I created a github repository to upload prebuilt packages of the latest BFS optimized Linux kernel so that anyone can download and install these packages.

System Requirements : – OS: Ubuntu – CPU: Intel or AMD – Arch: 32bit and 64bit

This repo will always have the latest stable release packages of BFS optimized Linux Kernel so stay tuned…

To use them just install the 3 packages related to your Operating Systems architecture:

Ubuntu 32bit: linux-headers-all.deb , linux-headers-.deb, linux-image-*i386.deb

Ubuntu 64bit: linux-headers-all.deb , linux-headers-amd64.deb, linux-image-*amd64.deb

You can keep up with the latest news about brand new package releases by reading :

or the social network pages

Update(13-Mar-2012): Now compatible with Intel and AMD cpu’s on Ubuntu 64bit. Stay tuned for 32bit packages Update (15-Mar-2012): Because now I don’t use Zen Kernel but I build my own BFS/BFQ patched Ubuntu kernels, I removed the Zen Deb repo and created a new one “Optimus Linux Kernel”Update (15-Mar-2012):Added 32bit packages to the downloaded ziped archive

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