CaptureMe v2.3 available for download

I am exited for a brand new release of CaptureMe. This new release does not have some totally new features but a major BUG fix.

CaptureMe was initially available as:

  • terminal only application
  • No Graphical user interface
  • only in Greek language

After some thoughts that I had (the story will be told soon…) I decided that for making it useful I had to deal with these “bugs”.

So after release v2.0, CaptureMe had a major upgrade with the introduction of a simple user interface and no need for terminal use. But anybody who downloaded version 2.2hit on a major BUG:

  • No Recording of video with sound or NOT !

This was due to a translation typo which, did not produced any error or failure message and it just did not started recording even if it seemed to be recording 🙂

So I am realy sorry for any inconvenience! You can download a new version of CaptureMe from the Download Page >>>>

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