Instagram: One week is enough so I should go on…

Instagram: One week is enough so I should go on…

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I spent one week with the recent release of Instagram on Android and facebook comes and buys it for 1$ Billion ! What?!?

I wont grumble about the acquisition or about hating facebook because it owns my data… I have accepted the fact that using a browser means you give your personal data out there in the wild, so I have no problem with that at all. Also I hate when people, on the one had hate sharing photos or personal data and bi****ing about it and on the other hand they use Google plus or other social networks and willingly share those personal data. Ok people… just unplug if you care about your data or accept the fact that when you connect to the Internet you willingly give some or most of your personal data.

So … Instagram… nice app. But too little, too late for the Android ecosystem. I know that people will still use it but I doubt that they will stick with it for a long time…

Sharing photos…

sharing-android-icsWhat made Instagram so popular, was that when it was first released it was for iOS devices that where incapable of editing or sharing your photos. They even invented a word for that : “iPhonography“. You couldn’t edit the way you can now and most importantly you couldn’t share easily what you have edited.

On the other had “Sharing” data is one of the “Killer” features of Android ecosystem. You can share almost anything to almost any app… Sharing is not depending on the Android OS it self but on the app you have installed on your device:

If I had 20 more apps capable of receiving and sharing data, they would be on that list you see on the screenshot of my device.

Editing photos…

How Instagram works:

  • Take a photo
  • Apply a filter
  • Add some poetic words, or if you are lazy just add some random hashtags
  • Click upload.

That it!

Unfortunately this is it… no fuzz no buzz…

I used it for a week and I still do not understand why should I still use it and not use alternatives like:

  • Picplz
  • Pixlr-o-matic
  • Hipster
  • Lightbox
  • StreamZoo
  • Google+

Yes, if you haven’t seen that, Google+ plus is also being used by many people (pro, or no-pro) for photo/album sharing and it works great. One thing instagram made me realize is that combining social network + artistic photos is a powerful motive to take some good photos or at least … USE THE DAMN, 5MP Phone camera that you have spent Money!!!!

So I downloaded my photos and deleted my account and uploaded them here as a slideshow. Enjoy ! 😛


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  1. My phone also has a 5mp camera, but it sucks. Now, for Instagram that sucks even more. It was really over-hyped and there was no reason for that. Perhaps it’s a good app for iPhone (or for Apple-fanboys anyway), but as I say there is no reason for it on Android. There are better alternatives, even if they’re less know.

    // also what’s the reason for cameras like that, if it is to hide the beauty of their photos with filters (filters? a true photographer should have the original photo saved, not the filtered one).

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