Best Linux Distros

A comprehensive article that gives an overview of the best Linux distributions available for any purpose.



One of the most popular general-use distributions with one of the largest selections of software.

Based on: Debian

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The most cutting-edge general-use distribution on a 6-month release cycle. It’s cutting edge in two ways: new versions of software, and it uses new software before other distributions use them.

Based on: Itself; Originated from: Red Hat

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A stable, general-use distribution for everyone that excels in enterprise environments. openSUSE includes a few different defaults such as it’s package manager and the KDE desktop environment

Based on: Itself; Originated from: Slackware

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One of the most stable distributions in existence, with a large selection of software. It is often used as the base of many other distributions.

Based on: Itself


Linux Mint

A highly-customized distribution that includes many features out-of-the-box that other distributions do not, including codecs…

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