No network connection, a weird problem…

This post is related to a problem that some users of Ubuntu came across to a bug that prevents their system to establish connection when using the latest version of Optimus Kernel and describes a permanent solution to it.


Many users contacted me reporting a weird “Network Connection” problem when they installed the latest Optimus Kernel. Wile I was testing to see if this is just a “Optimus Kernel” issue, I saw that in the latest version of Ubuntu 12.04 Beta this is not an issue. I am not 100% certain what had caused this but I have found the one to blame:AppArmor

It seems that the version of AppArmor that is present in Ubuntu 11.10, doesn’t let DHCP to establish a network connection. So in the meantime I have a permanet workaround. This will put DHCP daemon in a complain mode so that it will not be enforced by AppArmor to not make connection and so DHCP will just be let alone.

Here is what you can do only once:

First install apparmor utilities from Software Center or from terminal:

sudo apt-get install apparmor-utils

Then in your terminal login as a root! (this is necessary as plain “sudo” will not work)

sudo -i

Then you need to add DHCP in complain mode:

aa-complain /sbin/dhclient

Now that you have added DHCP in complaint mode, it should be listed in complaint mode apps:


Now you should be able to establish network connection.

I hope that I have resolved the issue for all optimus kernel users and I would be glad to hear back from you if you have any other problems.

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