Why I don’t (won’t) buy an iOS mobile device

Why I don’t (won’t) buy an iOS mobile device

This post is due to my laziness, as I am bored explaining to every one out there why I will not buy an iOS device. Here are some videos explaining the truth about Apple and Google’s OS.

I should thank wicked4u2c as he created this videos and this way with one link I can share this source with anyone that has a dilemma on the iOS vs Android matter.

If you love your iOS device that is OK. As my Android device is just device, in the same way your iOS device is just a damn device. There is no need for hatred… Just open your eyes, observe and understand. Use your brain…

Enjoy !

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5

Coming Soon (hopefully)…

but in the meantime enjoy the ultimate truth (“Viewer Discretion Advised“):


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