Why photography enthusiasts should use OpenPhoto


Being a photography enthusiast is not just a matter of taking some photos but it is a matter of sharing them with your friends or the whole world. Sharing involves owning a file storage that connects with the world out there and has social networking capabilities. This is where OpenPhoto comes handy !

As you may have read, I tried instagram for one week and then I found this awesome project called OpenPhoto that let you control and OWN your photos (and not deleted after an account suspension – check related articles), the way that every other service would not let you do (Picasa, Facebook, Instagram etc.).

In a nutshell:

OpenPhoto is a photo sharing service that allows you to store photos, tags and comments into your cloud storage account, such as Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloudfiles or Dropbox. You can easily upload, search and share your photos via Email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Let’s get started, shall we!

First you need to go to the project website http://theopenphotoproject.org/ and create an account. What you get actually is:

  • A global openphoto account
  • Integration with your personal Dropbox, Amazon S3 etc. file hosting account
  • A web link to your photo gallery (eg http://cerebrux.openphoto.me)

openphoto create account

After you connect your OpenPhoto account to any file hosting sevice (eg. Dropbox) you can then

  • Add some tags, so that it can be easy to search
  • Choose a License for your Photos
  • Upload your photos

openphoto uploading

The photos will be stored in your file hosting account in a dedicated folder

openphoto dropbox account

If you are a team of photography enthusiast you can also create a team that manages the photos

Your uploaded photos will be presented as a gallery to your visitors

open photo gallery

Where they can discus and comment over your photos

openphoto commenting discussion

Final thoughts…

If you want to own your photos even if you are distributing them online but you don’t want to spend a cent to a hosting and distribution services, the openphoto is for you.

OpenPhoto is a promising project that has just started and because it is an open source project (hosted on github) we are expecting beautiful things to happen.  The best things of openphoto can not be shown in just a blog post.. you can either:

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