iQunix 12.04 released: New course and new plans

A brand new release, iQunix 12.04 is available for download. Alongside with this new release there are some new plans for this special OS. iQunix OS has been around for about a year. With this release there are some major changes and plans for the future. So in general iQunix:

Whats new:


iQunix 12.04 is now based on Unity, the latest user interface that Ubuntu introduced earlier in 2011.

Appart from the overall user interface change there is:

  • JetBrowser: It is the new addition in Utappia’s portfolio, a really fast, simple and secure browser
  • Software Center: Thousands of applications one click away.
  • Gedit: Simple to use text editor
  • Remastersys: You have installed some applications and you want to share the resulted OS with your friends or you want a complete backup ? This the app for the job.

Apart from the above there are no other unnecessary software, so you can install what ever you want.

What else :

The iQunix 12.04 will be supported with software and system updates for 5 years. This means that you install once and have it for 5 years. Also the ISO files that is available for download, will be updated with the latest updates, so that if some time later on the lifecycle of iQunix 12.04, you need to re-install, you will have an up-to-date ISO.

So you want to try ? Go grab the ISO>>>>>>>

Installation of iQunix is the same as Ubuntu. You can reade the instructions here

I wish to thank all of you who are donating for the development of iQunix.

I wish you the best.

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