No Linux driver for GeForce GTX660 Ti and TXAA

nVIDIA GeForce GTX660 Ti

Yesterday was the big bang launch-day for nVIDIA GeForce GTX660 Ti, the  youngest kid among the others in 600 Series and Kepler’s family. Today, nVIDIA released a new version of 305.68 WHQL Driver for Windows in order to support the new GPU properly. Unfortunately, up until this moment writing this article there isn’t any update to the Linux driver. Nothing, not even a beta driver for GTX660 Ti or TXAA support.

What’s TXAA

TXAA is new film-style anti-aliasing technique designed specifically to reduce temporal aliasing (crawling and flickering in motion) through a combination of hardware AA, custom CG film style AA resolve, and a temporal filter. Currently, TXAA is not available in Linux driver.

  • No certified downloads were found for this configuration. To include beta downloads in your search, click here.


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