How to install Ubuntu 12.04 using Windows 8

First Boot Device

First off, remove all unnecessary USB items to ease the process.

Insert the bootable USB flash/CD-Rom drive that you just created in your target computer and restart you PC. Most newer computers can boot from a USB flash/CD-Rom drive. If your computer does not automatically do so, you might need to edit the BIOS settings.

Restart your computer, and watch for a message telling you which key to press to enter the BIOS setup. It will usually be one of F1, F2, DEL, ESC or F10. Press this key while your computer is booting to edit your BIOS settings.

Instead of editing BIOS settings, you can chose a boot device from the boot menu. Press the function key to enter the boot menu when your computer is booting. Typically, the boot screen displays which key you need to press. It maybe one of F12, F10. Note: with some motherboards you have to select ‘hard disk/USB-HDD0’ to choose the USB flash disk.

You need to edit the Boot Order. Depending on your computer, and how your USB key was formatted, you should see an entry for “removable drive” or “USB media” or “CD-Rom”. Move this to the top of the list to make the computer attempt to boot from the USB/CD-Rom device before booting from the hard disk.

In case you have moden PC using UEFI Bios make the necessary changes in order to boot from USB or CD-Rom first, instead of hard drive. Take a look from ASUS UEFI BIOS:

Otherwise if you own a MSI motherboard take a look below:

Ok now, hit F10 keystroke  (Save and Exit) and restart your PC in order to boot from CD-ROM or USB drive as to install Ubuntu.

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