How to install Ubuntu 12.04 using Windows 8

Booting Ubuntu

The installation of the Ubuntu 12.04 distribution is a child’s play in the hands of advanced users who already have the experience of re-installing operating systems. If you are newbie, please do not be afraid of installation. Using the manual and our helpful instructions, there is no doubt that you will accomplish this task quite easily. As we stated before, the installation procedure is quite an easy job, but is also a bit time consuming though (about 25 minutes). Pay attention to the instructions and be gentle with your computer. Please be aware of the fact that if you already use Windows 7 or 8, Ubuntu can be installed alongside or completely remove Windows.

That’s my old monitor, installing Ubuntu 12.04. As you can see I’ve already managed to boot from CD-Rom and Ubuntu distribution auto loads first, replacing your hard drive and MBR. Have a peak and let’s do it together step-by-step.

Select your language from the left menu and click “Install Ubuntu” to proceed with the Installation. Make sure that your have a wired internet connection via Ethernet, in case of inability to find wifi networks.

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