How to install Ubuntu 12.04 using Windows 8

Allocate drive’s space

Please check “Download updates while installing” and “Install this third-party software“. Continue please…

Use the checkboxes to choose whether you’d like to Install Ubuntu alongside another operating system, delete your existing operating system and replace it with Ubuntu, or – if you’re an advanced user – choose the ‘Something else’ option

Select the first option in order to dual boot with Windows 7/8 and Ubuntu, otherwise select the second option and delete Windows partition at all using only Ubuntu. Third option is not recommended for beginners. Dual boot means multi-booting, likewise the act of installing multiple operating systems on a computer, and being able to choose which one to boot when starting the computer. The term dual-booting refers to the common configuration of specifically two operating systems. Multi-booting may require a custom boot loader that Ubuntu installation provives and configures it automatically based upon your system’s needs.

Now hit “Install Now” and wait a couple of moments until the installation is complete. Please notice that Ubuntu needs about 4.5 GB to install, so add a few extra GB to allow for your files.

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