How to install Ubuntu 12.04 using Windows 8

Ubuntu asks you for …

During the instalaltion, Ubuntu asks you some questions about yourself. No, it doesn’t ask you to go out for a beer. Just, like any other operating system, Ubuntu needs to configure itself… local time, language, keyboard layout, username etc…

Check if your location is correct and click ‘Continue’ to proceed. If you’re unsure of your time zone, type the name of the town you’re in or click on the map and we’ll help you find it.

Select your prefered keyboard layout. Click on the language option you need. If you’re not sure, click the ‘Detect Keyboard Layout’ button for help. Afterward click “Continue” to proceed.

Enter your login and password details. If you like check “Log in automatically” and press “Continue” to proceed.

Ok that’s it. Now sit back and wait while the system installs…

And yeah, that’s the final message saying that installation is complete.

Please remove the CD-Rom or USB from your PC and hit “Enter” to reboot.

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