Txtr Beagle Is World’s Smallest e-Reader, costs only $13

Txtr, a German ebook developer, made something great for 100% less paper, resurrecting Txtr ebook reader — from an almost dead project — into a catchy gadget, easy to use, most portable and at affordable price. Beagle is the world’s smaller e-reader — not a hype — that so this baby has a 5″ (800×600) E-ink screen and measures less than 5mm thick. Priced at $13 — less that 10 Euros — we cannot expect expensive features into that one. Thus there is no Wifi device or a touchscreen monitor, but it does have something almost as good: it uses Bluetooth technology in order to be able to transfer e-books from your smartphone or tablet without cable required. For the time being, Beagle supports only Android 4 smartphones, but there will also be a iOS app soon enough. So, either you have Android or a Mac device you will be able to share your e-books with Txtr Beagle without a problem; however we don’t know anything about Windows support yet.

[vimeo id=”50788492″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Furthermore, txtr Beagle comes with a pair of AAA batteries, and txtr is boasting that you can read for a year on a single charge. Last but certainly not least, the Beagle also comes with 4GB of storage (no external card slot though), and weight-wise it is about 128 grams.

[dropcap]The catch:[/dropcap]It has been confirmed by txtr that the Beagle can only carry 5 ebooks at a time. That so you have to pre-render your e-books by the Android app before being transferred over. So, this might be a problem for the most of you since 5 books it just too few and yes sir, I can carry them within my bag without the need of a digital gadget. That has been told, I really wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who like comics, since you have to synchronize it with your smartphone every day almost.

This is how it looks like:

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