Western Digital Green and Red models get 4TB and 5TB in late 2013

According to the Russian website AlwaysMoreDigital, Western Digital will have 5 terabytes (or 5000 GB) models of their NAS-optimized WD Red (modeL: WD50ERFX) and consumer’s WD Green (model: WD50EZRX) in late October 2013.

Before we hit that date, Western Digital will release 4 terabyte variant (or 4000 GB) WD40ERFX and WD40EZRX models. All four hard disks will be equipped with 64 MB cache, SATAIII 6Gb/s interface and built in the 3.5-inch form-factor.

No information about their price though…



    1. Just remember not all ssd’s are the same. They all have differnt read/write speeds The kingston hyperx isn’t bad with read/555 MB/s and write 510MB/s you can pick up a 120gig one for about $70 these days. Other SSD have a much slower write speed.


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