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  • History of Open Source: How did all started – Infographic

    History of Open source software is filled with collaborative accomplishments and innovations, but how and when did all started ?

  • History repeats itself: IBM vs Apple then, iPhone vs Android now

    History repeats itself: IBM vs Apple then, iPhone vs Android now

    History, ironically, tends to repeat its self. This may be old news in political, economical or historical events but what happens in Hardware/Software industry ?. While I was reading some articles on the web about the market share of mobile OS’s today/tomorrow, a “pattern” started to emerge before my eyes. There is something in this pattern that indicates what mobile OS will have the major market share maybe 2 years from now, or sooner. As I predict, near future of mobile phones will belong to Android Linux operating system. Ok that may have sound like foolish… but please be patient and let me (try) explain what are the historical similarities between the war of IBM-Apple then, and Apple(iOS)-Google(Android) now and how will probably be the end of this fight over the market share pie chart.

  • Blogging via¬†Smartphone

    Open source is just the best thing that humanity achieved in 60 years of software enginiering. Every aspect of our interaction with the internet is powered by an Open Source project. WordPress is one of the greatest open source project that brought content management system to the masses. Android Linux on the other hand, as an open source operating system for mobile devices such as cellular phones, tablet computers and netbooks is becoming more popular every day attracting more and more developers. WordPress for Android is an Open Source app that lets you manage multiple sites, add or edit content, and also manage and be notified of comments while you are away from your desktop/laptop computer.