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  • Canonical includes nVIDIA and AMD proprietary drivers into their official repository

    Nowadays. thanks to Valve and their Linux Steam client, more and more people are interested into PC gaming and Ubuntu/Linux GPU drivers. Currently, Steam is under closed beta phase with 5000 beta-testers worldwide, while much more users have been by-passing the login. This means that more than 5000 linux users are already using Steam in […]

  • How to by-pass Steam closed beta (updated)

    It seems that there is a bug that allows everyone to play Steam games. However, not all games are playable. A guy called Directhex tested some Linux games under Steam: [toggle title=”List of Games for Steam (updated)”] Game Works? Tester Notes Updated Amnesia: The Dark Descent ✔ /u/directhex missing dependency on libxmu6:i386 2012-11-06 And Yet […]

  • How to Install STEAM in Ubuntu

    YEEEEEEEEEEES! Oh, God what a day today! Let me show you how to install STEAM in Ubuntu. Not wine-wise but native! Yes, Steam is now a native Linux application — yet in beta phase though. [button color=”orange” link=””]Download Steam for Ubuntu[/button] Nov 6, 2012–Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises (such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress) […]

  • How to install nVIDIA drivers 304.64

    These new drivers promise a major boost in performance. Currently there is no PPA support. So you can’t use apt-get or our script. The only way to install the all-new nvidia drivers is via the official nVIDIA website. We will update the the article when PPAs (X-Swat or Xorg-Edgers) will be available with 304.64 package. […]

  • How to fix Steam for Linux video problems

    As you can probably imagine, Steam in Linux issues are related to video drivers. Thus, Valve wants to be ensured that only with the latest binary blob you’ll be able to play Steam games into Ubuntu. So, if you want to become Steam compatible you have to install proprietary nVIDIA or AMD drivers into your […]

  • How to change Desktop Environments in Ubuntu 12.10

    If you want to change Unity and install anything else (like KDE) in Ubuntu 12.10, then this article is for you. Just copy-paste the commands into your terminal, press enter … wait a little bit for the packages to download and you are ready. Logout, pick your favourite Desktop Environment and log back in. It’s […]

  • How to speed up Unity Gaming Performance

    It is widely known that Ubuntu 12.10 has a major problem with Unity and gaming performance. In case you haven’t noticed, there is dramatic regression in performance compared to other Desktop environments. Doing the math or so, Unity costs about 10% in frame rate performance drop when running a game. Well, that doesn’t sound really nice […]

  • How to install Ubuntu 12.10 in Macbook Air 2011 mid

    How to install Ubuntu 12.10 in Macbook Air 2011 mid

    Just in case you are curious enough or you simply want to act similar to Linus Torvalds using GNU/Linux in Apple’s hardware (Macbook Air) then follow this guide. As you can see from my picture above, I’ve tested it and is working 100% running Ubuntu 12.10 with GNOME shell.

  • How to fix your AMD Graphics in Ubuntu 12.10 (updated)

    The last week or so has been one of transition for AMD’s Catalyst driver, especially for those you have a quite old Radeon GPU. Alongside the launch of Ubuntu 12.10 – that comes with new xorg 1.13 and breaks the fglrx (aka Catalyst 12.9) – AMD has also drop the support for Radeon HD 4000, […]

  • What is VSync? Should I enable it?

    When it comes to game settings, it’s true that Linux gamers are not as experienced as Windows guys. Oh, you don’t believe me ? Okay then, please raise your hand if you know the above terms: AA, MSAA, AF, Vsync, Tessellation. Just in case you are not sure what’s about, I strongly recommend you to […]