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  • Serious Sam 3 (not so) awful performance in Steam Linux (updated)

    I am not going to say much, cause I am quite a bit disappointed about my first impressions in Steam Linux client so far. Things are in motion, hence I cannot make safe assumptions yet. Both SS3 and TF2 are currently being tested under closed-beta by 5000 testers in Linux (basically in Ubuntu 12.04). However, […]

  • Why AMD Hondo Z-60 Windows 8 Tablets will epic fail

    Today, AMD officially announced that the first Windows 8 RT tablets using their latest processor Z-60 will be available during this year in stores. Both Microsoft and AMD play a dirty game providing hardware support only to Windows operating system, leaving out Linux distros. In that way, Microsoft believe they would out-space Android tablets and […]

  • There is NO Fragmentation, just Android clones

    Fragmentation of the Android platform is a hot topic on every tech blog. Actually there is NO Fragmentation, just Android clones.

  • Basic Concepts of Overclocking Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs

    In this article we aim to emphasize on the basic concepts of overclocking the latest Intel Core processors, not matter the generation or model. It’s totally recommended to read it before you start playing with BIOS settings, since you must have a well organised plan, like following the next step of an algorithm. Once, you […]

  • NVIDIA Optimus comes in Linux. Do you like Mpougatsa?

    Not a long time ago in an another operating system not very far away, nVIDIA released their Optimus technology support. Today, we read at Phoronix that these guys are working on the Linux version, while Michael Larabel says: At long last, NVIDIA confirms they are working on supporting their multi-GPU Optimus Technology under Linux with […]

  • Valve is preparing the ground with Intel and nVIDIA

    It is felling night, and usual thoughts have been troubling my mind once again. Not as usual as the most ordinary people might say, but as usual as most Linux users can ever think; after all thoughts being what they are. In the back room a computer’s hard drive is thinking too, reading and writing […]

  • Canonical Promoting Ubuntu Software Center To Game Developers

    While Valve news about porting Steam on Ubuntu is rather fresh, Canonical hasn’t been quiet about it and tries to make things work even better for any game developers out there who may wish to develop or port a game to Ubuntu Linux.

  • Serious gaming on Linux? I’ll start crying!

    Greetings my fellow Linux users (especially Ubuntu users). First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Chris and you can call me ehmmm… Chris.  For the majority of the Linux users I am a noob and for the majority of my friends I am a hacker (just because I can sync their email […]

  • How Steam ports games in Linux

    A few days ago in SIGGRAPH 12 conference, Valve explained how the Linux version of Left 4 Dead 2 outperforms Windows. Given a speech called “From 6 to 300 FPS” by Mr.Rich, Valve made clear that they don’t follow the proper programming design (writing the whole high level API from scratch) but following another (more […]

  • Comparison: Ubuntu update manager and uCareSystem

    uCareSystem’s main update mechanism comes from Ubuntu/Debian’s Update Manager. But uCareSystem continues its work where classic Update Manger stops. You may ask : what the heck does it do and why to use uCareSystem when there is already Ubuntu Update manager available Ubuntu’s Update Manger will just inform you that there are available system update […]