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  • AMD Catalyst 13.2 beta 3 driver up to 300% performance ?

    After several posts into their forums, it is now the time for AMD to launch their most awaited driver (bug-fixes concerning to Steam Linux client) that comes in their 3rd instalment of Catalyst 13.2 beta.  So, if you had problem with Serious Sam 3 or Team Fortress 2, now you can actually feel the ultimate gaming […]

  • Steam for Linux client current status

    Steam for Linux client is currently under a closed-beta phase, while interal beta-testers are providing the necessary feedback for Valve. The client targets Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and is fully featured with access to the Steam Store, your Linux game Library, your Friends list and Community content. In addition to the client, a varied selection of […]

  • How to fix Steam for Linux video problems

    As you can probably imagine, Steam in Linux issues are related to video drivers. Thus, Valve wants to be ensured that only with the latest binary blob you’ll be able to play Steam games into Ubuntu. So, if you want to become Steam compatible you have to install proprietary nVIDIA or AMD drivers into your […]

  • How to fix your AMD Graphics in Ubuntu 12.10 (updated)

    The last week or so has been one of transition for AMD’s Catalyst driver, especially for those you have a quite old Radeon GPU. Alongside the launch of Ubuntu 12.10 – that comes with new xorg 1.13 and breaks the fglrx (aka Catalyst 12.9) – AMD has also drop the support for Radeon HD 4000, […]

  • Why AMD Hondo Z-60 Windows 8 Tablets will epic fail

    Today, AMD officially announced that the first Windows 8 RT tablets using their latest processor Z-60 will be available during this year in stores. Both Microsoft and AMD play a dirty game providing hardware support only to Windows operating system, leaving out Linux distros. In that way, Microsoft believe they would out-space Android tablets and […]

  • GPU Accelerated Java by AMD and Oracle

    During the JavaOne™ 2012 Strategy Keynote,AMD announced its participation in OpenJDK™ Project “Sumatra” in collaboration with Oracle and other members of the OpenJDK community to help bring heterogeneous computing capabilities to Java™ for server and cloud environments. The OpenJDK Project “Sumatra” will explore how the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), as well as the Java language and APIs, might be enhanced […]

  • AMD Catalyst 12.9 released – Install Guide (updated)

    The latest AMD Catalyst 12.9 was released yesterday (13/9/12) . The most significant change here is that Catalyst 9 improves your embedded Radeon graphics. For example if you’re using a netbook with an AMD CPU, then you have better support for its embedded IGPU, like E6760, E6460 etc. Last but not least, the AMD hasn’t […]

  • AMD Catalyst 12.8 Released – Install Guide

    Actually the Catalyst driver was released yesterday (15/8/12) but the official link was broken, although many users find out the mispelling and download the driver without problem — currently the link is fixed. Click to download the drivers for 64/32 bit (the package contains both the 32-bit and 64-bit driver.). [button color=”orange” link=”http://www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/amd-driver-installer-12-8-x86.x86_64.zip”]Download 32/64bit[/button] The […]