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  • OCZ Vector PCIe-based SSD series and LXL 1.0 Linux Software (beta)

    Innovative Barefoot 3 Controller Extends the Vector SSD Series to PCIe Interfaces and Delivers Enhanced Bandwidth and Expanded Densities for Enthusiast and Workstation Applications OCZ Technology Group, Inc.  a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) for computing devices and systems, today announced that it will demonstrate a pre-production version of its new flagship Vector […]

  • Steam for Linux client current status

    Steam for Linux client is currently under a closed-beta phase, while interal beta-testers are providing the necessary feedback for Valve. The client targets Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and is fully featured with access to the Steam Store, your Linux game Library, your Friends list and Community content. In addition to the client, a varied selection of […]

  • How to by-pass Steam closed beta (updated)

    It seems that there is a bug that allows everyone to play Steam games. However, not all games are playable. A guy called Directhex tested some Linux games under Steam: [toggle title=”List of Games for Steam (updated)”] Game Works? Tester Notes Updated Amnesia: The Dark Descent ✔ /u/directhex missing dependency on libxmu6:i386 2012-11-06 And Yet […]

  • The Steam for Linux Beta Survey is Out!

    The Steam for Linux limited public beta survey is now online! You can find it here: http://www.valvesoftware.com/linuxsurvey.php Over the next few days, Valve will be processing the responses. Shortly afterwards, they will notify selected participants individually and kick off the limited beta. For the latest news and announcements about Steam for Linux, stay tuned. Too […]

  • Team Fortress 2 Beta in Linux

    Valve, you tease us so. Team Fortress 2 has just updated with the following hit from CDR-2 Parser today. Guess what ? The new Team Fortress PC Game will be available for Linux. New players receive any weapons that are currently undergoing testing, certain promotional items that their Steam account is entitled to, and other items that may be […]

  • Linux STEAM beta available next week!

    Great news from Valve’s Linux blog, since these guys are not joking around. Seriously, there are going to release the “most wanted” Steam beta in Linux. The version will be only available in Ubuntu 12.04. Notice that it will be closed beta, not public, meaning that Valve is going to send Steam beta only to […]