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  • “Ubuntu Game Developers” team created

    A new team has been created in the Launchpad, called “Ubuntu Game Developers“. Consisted of the best technicians and having Canonical’s Daniel von Vugt as an owner, this team clearly suggests Canonical’s weighty¬†attitude¬†towards its gaming. Its purposes are yet to be known, however, we assume that this team will be finding and providing solutions to […]

  • Canonical Promoting Ubuntu Software Center To Game Developers

    While Valve news about porting Steam on Ubuntu is rather fresh, Canonical hasn’t been quiet about it and tries to make things work even better for any game developers out there who may wish to develop or port a game to Ubuntu Linux.

  • Best of Ubuntu Q Developer Summit Keynotes and Plenaries

    The Ubuntu 12.04 has been released and thus it received a tremendous amount of reaction from the mainstream technology press. But what’s next ? What are the plans for the next release cycle ?