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  • How to change Desktop Environments in Ubuntu 12.10

    If you want to change Unity and install anything else (like KDE) in Ubuntu 12.10, then this article is for you. Just copy-paste the commands into your terminal, press enter … wait a little bit for the packages to download and you are ready. Logout, pick your favourite Desktop Environment and log back in. It’s […]

  • First Look at Fedora 15 Alpha 1 With Gnome Shell

    Here is a nice video from This Week In Linux were you can take a look at Gnome Shell User interface that will be the default desktop environment for Fedora 15. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d_9C8XlV00]

  • Orb Of Saruman

    Stunning wallpaper with the Orb of Saruman on your Linux desktop

  • Easy peasy video downloading

    There is always a chance that you will come across with a video broadcast that you want to keep in your personal video library. Well here is the most dirty-easy way: On your browser find the video you want to download and press play. Then wait for the buffering to completely finish loading the video in the […]

  • Ubuntu Linux Wallpaper

    Stunning wallpaper to add some linux spirit and love to your computer. Author : Olistudios