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  • Best Linux Distros

    A comprehensive article that gives an overview of the best Linux distributions available for any purpose.

  • Download Service Patch v1.0 for iQunix 10.10

    The iQunix OS, for about 2 weeks has been the interest of many users of Linux . Numerous comments on osarena.net and so much more e-mails. Despite my initial concern that I would receive a myriad of complaints about my decision to create a distribution and messages with various problems that may be encountered by […]

  • iQunix OS: Clean, Fast and Simple OS

    I am pleased to present to you a Linux distribution that I had in my mind for a while and was able to release it recently. The distribution is called iQunix OS and it is an Ubuntu based distribution. It is pronounced as i-qu-nix (iqunix_pronounce), and the focuses (or at least it tries to) on […]

  • Chux: A new Linux distribution by Chuck Norris

    One day Google decided that it is time to see the best operating system for mobile phones… and created their own distribution of Linux and named it Android… a Smart, Strong and a sexy name for a mobile operating system don’t you think ?. OK… just for a moment… have you ever thought what would it be if Chuck Norris uses Linux and decides one day to crate his own version (distribution) of Linux and name it Chux (Chuck + Linux)? Wow man… that would be so… geek. So lets face the facts of Chux OS