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  • Port Torque 3D to Linux

    We Want Linux to be a First-Class Citizen for Game Development Right now, Linux has some great programming libraries for developing games, but when it comes to working as a level designer or an artist, the tools are lagging behind Windows and Mac OS X. It’s not from lack of trying. There are great developers […]

  • How to speed up Unity Gaming Performance

    It is widely known that Ubuntu 12.10 has a major problem with Unity and gaming performance. In case you haven’t noticed, there is dramatic regression in performance compared to other Desktop environments. Doing the math or so, Unity costs about 10% in frame rate performance drop when running a game. Well, that doesn’t sound really nice […]

  • Serious gaming on Linux? I’ll start crying!

    Greetings my fellow Linux users (especially Ubuntu users). First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Chris and you can call me ehmmm… Chris.  For the majority of the Linux users I am a noob and for the majority of my friends I am a hacker (just because I can sync their email […]