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  • VirtManager – KVM: Quick installation and basic usage video (Part 1)

    VirtManager – KVM: Quick installation and basic usage video (Part 1)

    In this video tutorial we will use a tool called virt-manager that allows you to use a graphical interface to interact with Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)

  • How to install OGRE SDK from source

    In this article we will present you how to install OGRE SDK, that so how to compile it from source. Even though we are aware that compiling is not recommended in Ubuntu, in this particular program is vital to do so. However, before we continue to the installation instructions, you need to know what OGRE […]

  • nVIDIA 304.48 drivers released – Install Guide

    Today NVIDIA has released a new (beta) Linux graphics drivers for Linux community. The latest beta nVIDIA 304.48 driver is now available for download and offers support for the new models of GeForce GTX 6xx series, meaning GTX650 and GTX600. For more information take a look at the changelog below: [toggle title=”304.48 Changelog”] – Fixed […]

  • AMD Catalyst 12.9 released – Install Guide (updated)

    The latest AMD Catalyst 12.9 was released yesterday (13/9/12) . The most significant change here is that Catalyst 9 improves your embedded Radeon graphics. For example if you’re using a netbook with an AMD CPU, then you have better support for its embedded IGPU, like E6760, E6460 etc. Last but not least, the AMD hasn’t […]