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  • Meet Bill Peppas – World Class Overclocker speaks on Linux

    Meet Bill Peppas – World Class Overclocker speaks on Linux

    Here is an interview with Bill Peppas an World Class Overclocker.

  • Interview emertX from xtremesystems

    Hello Daniel (emertX) I think it’s time to introduce you in our readers. Are you ready for a quick interview ? Getting to know each other… Okay, first question, obviously, please tell us a bit more about yourself. I’m an industrial engineer and I like overclocking like more than 7 years now. But exclusively with […]

  • Gabe Newell: If you want to run Steam on top of Linux that’s fine

    Yesterday, Geoff Keighley — a video game journalist from GT.TV — paid a visit to Valve Software offices at Seatle, Washington. The 20 minute interview is very well edited, interesting and not boring at all since there are many topics covered, such as Dota 2, Source Filmaker, Countrstrike Global Offensive and some thoughts of Gabe […]

  • Richard Stallman Interview on the Linux Action Show

    Every weekend and mostly on Mondays I watch Linux Action Show, a youtube show that’s been around for about 6 years now. On the 200th episode, that aired on last Sunday 11 of March they had Richard Stallman “on board” for Interview.

  • My Interview with Frostbite Media on iQunix OS

    A few weeks ago I received an email request for interview, from Jonathan Nadeau of Frostbite Media. We talked about iQunix OS and how I got involved with Linux in general

  • Rebel Code

    Based on over fifty interviews with open-source protagonists such as Torvalds and open source guru Richard Stallman, Rebel Code captures the voice and the drama behind one of the most significant business trends in recent memory.

  • Mark Shuttleworth: “We are our own worst enemy”

    In a recent interview at Golem.de , the Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth, points out some thoughts about the importance of working on creating a beautifully Linux. Also he talks about MacOS X as a paradigm of that and the problems of the Linux desktop today. Last but not least, he talks about Netbooks and the […]

  • Linus Torvalds interview at computerworld.com

    In January 22-2009 Linus Torvalds, the founder of Linux OS, talks about the open source identity. He spoke about a host of topics including point releases, filesystems and what it is like switching to GNOME. He also puts Windows 7 in perspective. I would like to point some of them : It’s 2009 and Linux […]