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  • Freehand Computer Interaction Without Gloves

    Microsoft research in cooperation with FORTH, University of Crete (Greece) and Culture Lab University of Newcastle (United Kingdom) developed a wrist-worn sensor which detects 3D move of human hand. Digits is a wrist-worn gloveless sensor developed by Microsoft Research in Cambridge, U.K., enables 3-D computer interaction in any environment and is practical beyond computer gaming. […]

  • History repeats itself: IBM vs Apple then, iPhone vs Android now

    History repeats itself: IBM vs Apple then, iPhone vs Android now

    History, ironically, tends to repeat its self. This may be old news in political, economical or historical events but what happens in Hardware/Software industry ?. While I was reading some articles on the web about the market share of mobile OS’s today/tomorrow, a “pattern” started to emerge before my eyes. There is something in this pattern that indicates what mobile OS will have the major market share maybe 2 years from now, or sooner. As I predict, near future of mobile phones will belong to Android Linux operating system. Ok that may have sound like foolish… but please be patient and let me (try) explain what are the historical similarities between the war of IBM-Apple then, and Apple(iOS)-Google(Android) now and how will probably be the end of this fight over the market share pie chart.

  • Mark Shuttleworth: “We are our own worst enemy”

    In a recent interview at Golem.de , the Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth, points out some thoughts about the importance of working on creating a beautifully Linux. Also he talks about MacOS X as a paradigm of that and the problems of the Linux desktop today. Last but not least, he talks about Netbooks and the […]

  • Microsoft Windows reveals stupidity…

    Part of the source code to Windows 2000 had been leaked onto the Internet before, and pretty it was not. Microsoft’s flagship product turned out to be a vast sprawl of spaghetti in Assembly, C and C++, all held together with sticky tape and paper clips. The source code files contained many now-infamous comments including […]

  • Linus Torvalds interview at computerworld.com

    In January 22-2009 Linus Torvalds, the founder of Linux OS, talks about the open source identity. He spoke about a host of topics including point releases, filesystems and what it is like switching to GNOME. He also puts Windows 7 in perspective. I would like to point some of them : It’s 2009 and Linux […]