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  • AeroFS: File syncing without cloud or server storage

    Most people with multiple devices like PC, Tablet and smartphone probably use some sort of file syncing solutions based on cloud services like dropbox, box or Ubuntu One. AeroFS comes to change this by removing the need for the middle part of the file syncing technologies (cloud storage or server).

  • Why Beautifying and Decentralizing your content matters ?

    If you are a writer, blogger or content publisher, you possibly care about the way you present your content. But have you decentralized your content ? Does your content reach your readers on every device that they want to read you ? Is your content served the way you want it ?

  • Dr Android ROM: Minimalistic stock Android rom

    Do you love your Android that comes with your device but you would prefer to choose what apps should be installed by default ? Do you need one app for a task ? Then get ready for a new kind of a ROM…

  • Oxygen Rom 2.1.4 available for download

    As I stated on my previous post ( Upgrading HTC Desire to Android 2.3.4), I upgraded my stock 2.2 Android Rom (provided by HTC) with the Android 2.3.4 (Oxygen Rom 2.1.3 provided by the Oxygen community).

  • Human personalities: iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry

    Dear Android Linux, Have you ever thought on how do people see each other ? I think every person is not just one person but 3 persons: How I see my self How do others see me How I am actually

  • Chux: A new Linux distribution by Chuck Norris

    One day Google decided that it is time to see the best operating system for mobile phones… and created their own distribution of Linux and named it Android… a Smart, Strong and a sexy name for a mobile operating system don’t you think ?. OK… just for a moment… have you ever thought what would it be if Chuck Norris uses Linux and decides one day to crate his own version (distribution) of Linux and name it Chux (Chuck + Linux)? Wow man… that would be so… geek. So lets face the facts of Chux OS

  • Blogging via¬†Smartphone

    Open source is just the best thing that humanity achieved in 60 years of software enginiering. Every aspect of our interaction with the internet is powered by an Open Source project. WordPress is one of the greatest open source project that brought content management system to the masses. Android Linux on the other hand, as an open source operating system for mobile devices such as cellular phones, tablet computers and netbooks is becoming more popular every day attracting more and more developers. WordPress for Android is an Open Source app that lets you manage multiple sites, add or edit content, and also manage and be notified of comments while you are away from your desktop/laptop computer.