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  • MSI releases the Z77IA-E53

    MSI, the leading Graphics card and mainboard manufacturer is pleased to announce the availability of the Z77IA-E53, the latest miniITX mainboard for Intel’s Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge CPUs. Featuring a wealth of communication features like integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi the MSI Z77IA-E53 will easily find its way in many home theater PC’s. But also […]

  • MSI Introduces OC Certified mainboards

    MSI is excited to introduce an all-new standard for overclocking stability called MSI’s OC Certified standard as their new baseline for overclocking mainboards. Specifically, we are talking about MSI Z77 MPOWER, which is OC Certified, submitted to a Military grade stress-test for overclocking. Where other motherboard manufacturers only test for a limited duration, every MSI […]