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  • Steam on Linux is officially announced

    As I wrote in a previous post, gaming on Linux has started becoming the new platform for the gaming industry. As of Jul. 16 2012, this is becoming even more and more reality, as Valve, the company behind Steam, has announced that Steam for Linux is coming.

  • Why Desktop Linux Sucks & Why Desktop Linux Does Not Suck

    Why Desktop Linux Sucks & Why Desktop Linux Does Not Suck

    It is still a question that floats around the web… an people still asking it : “Does Desktop Linux suck … or rock ?”. Bryan Lunduke, the co-host on Linux Action Show asks the same question at Linux Fest Northwest and how we can fix it. For the first time, there is a new session “Why Linux Does Not Suck”.

  • WordPress and Automatic loves Ubuntu and they show it

    Wordpress and Automatic loves Ubuntu OS and they show it on their support forum with a rare type of showing your love for an operating system especially when it is an open source project and most web designers love apple products.

  • My Interview with Frostbite Media on iQunix OS

    A few weeks ago I received an email request for interview, from Jonathan Nadeau of Frostbite Media. We talked about iQunix OS and how I got involved with Linux in general

  • iQunix OS: Clean, Fast and Simple OS

    I am pleased to present to you a Linux distribution that I had in my mind for a while and was able to release it recently. The distribution is called iQunix OS and it is an Ubuntu based distribution. It is pronounced as i-qu-nix (iqunix_pronounce), and the focuses (or at least it tries to) on […]