uCareSystem Core v3.0 released and available in PPA


uCareSystem Core is a small software that automates the basic system maintenance processes. Now it is also available to install it via PPA if you are interested to automatically receive new features. Continue reading “uCareSystem Core v3.0 released and available in PPA”


How to install nNVIDIA 304.51 drivers in Ubuntu

Today NVIDIA has released a new (stable) Linux graphics drivers for Linux community. The latest beta nVIDIA 304.51 driver is now available for download and offers support for the new models of GeForce GTX 6xx series, meaning GTX650 and GTX600. Simply put, this is the stable version for 304.48 — the last week’s beta driver. For more information take a look at the changelog below:


  • – Fixed RandR per-CRTC gamma persistence across modeswitches and VT-switches.
  • – An X.Org Server hang on input.
  • – A performance regression fix for some 2D/X11 rendering operations that affected some graphics cards since the Linux 290 series.
  • – A correction so PowerMizer works properly on some GDDR5 graphics cards.
  • – Support for the GeForce GTX 650 and GeForce GTX 660.
  • – A bug fix for OpenGL applications not animating properly when a rotation or transformation was applied.
  • – A fix for NVIDIA-Settings to handle “Reset Hardware Defaults”.
  • – FXAA anti-aliasing for Unified Back Buffers.

How to Install 304.51

With the thousands of commands available for the command line user, how can you remember them all? The answer is, you don’t. The real power of the computer is its ability to do the work for you. To get it to do that, we use the power of the shell to automate things. First we test, second we write and then we provide.

Our nVIDIA Installer script is a collections of commands that are stored in a file. The shell can read this file and act on the commands as if they were typed at the keyboard. This is the very early beta of this script, and soon enough there will be a GUI version with lot’s of features.

Please notice that our script works only with Ubuntu. No other Linux distributions are supported. In order to install this driver, please use our 1-click installer script and select the “stable” or “beta” update. This is a stable driver, so feel free to play on the safe side of the road. Also, if this is your first nVIDIA proprietary blob install, the script will remove all the drivers… thus you need to run it twice in order to install the driver (the second time) into a clean (no garbage/old remaining files) system.


After the reboot, open Dash and type “nvidia“. Using this tool you can configure all these nvidia settings 🙂

btw you can use our script to unistall the drivers (in case you have problems).