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  • Half-Life and Counter-Strike are available for Linux

    I still remember myself trying to play Counter-Strike under Linux using WINE or Cedega. A couple years later, today, somebody told me that Valve releases both titles through Linux Steam client — beta no more. All you have to do is go to Steam, search for Counter-Strike and Half-Life, purchase them, download next, and frag ‘n kill. […]

  • Counter-Strike 1.6 beta released for Linux

    Both Half-Life 1 and Counter-Strike 1.6 is now available as a Beta for your testing pleasure on Linux (and OS X). Purchase (if you already don’t) the game and select Properties, Linux beta.

  • New update for Steam Linux client released

    Τhere’s a new Steam Beta client available. To access the Beta, go to File -> Settings. On the Account tab press the Change… button to open the Beta Participation dialog. Then Select “Steam Beta Update”, and allow Steam to restart itself. Here are the specific changes: – Fixed layout of installation wizard when installing multiple […]

  • What if we could play Steam in Ubuntu phone ?

    I hope there is no need for introductions about Steam and its new Linux client. Well, Steam may not be ready for Ubuntu yet, but even in beta phase, Valve is making big steps of progress and it’s quite possible for us to have the official release at mid 2013. After all, there are already […]

  • Steam for Linux client current status

    Steam for Linux client is currently under a closed-beta phase, while interal beta-testers are providing the necessary feedback for Valve. The client targets Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and is fully featured with access to the Steam Store, your Linux game Library, your Friends list and Community content. In addition to the client, a varied selection of […]

  • Serious Sam 3 (not so) awful performance in Steam Linux (updated)

    I am not going to say much, cause I am quite a bit disappointed about my first impressions in Steam Linux client so far. Things are in motion, hence I cannot make safe assumptions yet. Both SS3 and TF2 are currently being tested under closed-beta by 5000 testers in Linux (basically in Ubuntu 12.04). However, […]

  • Canonical includes nVIDIA and AMD proprietary drivers into their official repository

    Nowadays. thanks to Valve and their Linux Steam client, more and more people are interested into PC gaming and Ubuntu/Linux GPU drivers. Currently, Steam is under closed beta phase with 5000 beta-testers worldwide, while much more users have been by-passing the login. This means that more than 5000 linux users are already using Steam in […]

  • Steam Linux client gets updated along with 5000 new testers

    Valve have just updated the Steam for Linux client. Your client will update automatically but if you wish to force the update, click Check for Steam Client Updates…, from the top-level Steam menu. The following fixes are included in this release: added support for detecting kmod: video driver packages to the video driver detection code […]

  • How to by-pass Steam closed beta (updated)

    It seems that there is a bug that allows everyone to play Steam games. However, not all games are playable. A guy called Directhex tested some Linux games under Steam: [toggle title=”List of Games for Steam (updated)”] Game Works? Tester Notes Updated Amnesia: The Dark Descent ✔ /u/directhex missing dependency on libxmu6:i386 2012-11-06 And Yet […]

  • How to Install STEAM in Ubuntu

    YEEEEEEEEEEES! Oh, God what a day today! Let me show you how to install STEAM in Ubuntu. Not wine-wise but native! Yes, Steam is now a native Linux application — yet in beta phase though. [button color=”orange” link=”http://media.steampowered.com/client/installer/steam.deb”]Download Steam for Ubuntu[/button] Nov 6, 2012–Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises (such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress) […]