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  • How to Benchmark with Team Fortress 2

    Open console (~) Type ‘record #‘  (Replace # with desired filename). Once you’re done recording what you want, type ‘stop‘ into console, then leave the game type “timedemo #” (Replace # with desired filename) to start benching   if you want just to play the video (not benchmarking) then: type ‘demoui‘ or press Shift-F2. Both will […]

  • Team Fortress 2 Beta in Linux

    Valve, you tease us so. Team Fortress 2 has just updated with the following hit from CDR-2 Parser today. Guess what ? The new Team Fortress PC Game will be available for Linux. New players receive any weapons that are currently undergoing testing, certain promotional items that their Steam account is entitled to, and other items that may be […]