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  • ucaresystem core 4.3.0 : Launch it from from your applications menu

    ucaresystem core 4.3.0 : Launch it from from your applications menu

    The 4.3.0 introduces a menu icon and a launcher for ucaresystem-core. Once installed or updated, you will find a uCareSystem Core entry in your menu that you can click if you want to launch ucaresystem-core.

  • How to upgrade from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 12.10

    Step 1: Remove any 3rd party repositories In case you are currently using any 3rd party repositories, like xorg-edgers or ubuntu-x, it is recommended to remove them from your system as to avoid unexpected situations. Also, If you have used our uXeye script to install your nvidia GPU drivers, then you have to uninstall them […]

  • Oxygen Rom 2.1.4 available for download

    As I stated on my previous post ( Upgrading HTC Desire to Android 2.3.4), I upgraded my stock 2.2 Android Rom (provided by HTC) with the Android 2.3.4 (Oxygen Rom 2.1.3 provided by the Oxygen community).

  • HTC Desire: Today Android Linux was updated to 2.2

    Dear Android Linux, Today was a big day for you, don’t you think? I was informed by an article on the web that this weekend HTC was releasing the 2.2 update for the android platform. Few hours ago I did a search for software updates through my phone…. and the update was available for an […]

  • 2Click Update 5.7 available in DEB package

    These will be a post as short as possible. I am proud to announce this new release. With these release 2Click Update is downloadable as .deb package. This way all the needed dependencies, language packs, and a menu entry are installed automatically. After installation you will find 2Click Update under Applications–> Internet –> 2ClickUpdate

  • 2Click Update version 5.6

    After a month of delay for testing porposes, I am releasing the new version of 2Click Update (2cu) and 2cuCORE. This version is the result of collaboration and contribution by the community. I have to thank Nathan Douglas and Mark Obad for their contribution to the code of this version and the translations provided by the launchpad community. Lets see what has changed and added :

  • Comparison: Ubuntu update manager and 2clickUpdate

    After publishing the 5.5.version of 2click Update, it got an unexpected attention by the community. Many referral links, reviews, code contribution, translations and some emails pointing in one general question: what the heck does it do and why to use 2click Update when there is already Ubuntu Update manager available After some mails talking about the reasons why 2click Update is better than “classic” update manager with Andrew, author of Web Upd8 , I realized that many people could have the same questions that raised upon the discussion. Let me give you a better description of what makes 2click Update a “smart robot”(script).

  • 2click Update v5.5: Going Lightning with Axel

    2click Update v5.5: Going Lightning with Axel

    I am pleased to announce that 2click Update version 5.5 of 5.X series is out. In this major release the entire structure of code has changed. The code is structured in a modular way so that every feature is just a module. Also a new feature is available that will automatically boost the downloading of upgrades in […]

  • 2clickUpdate and 2cuCORE version 5.4

    With these release I am happy to announce some improvments and minor changes landed in version 5.4 of 2clickUpdate and 2clickUpdateCORE. Until version 5.9 (the last of 5.x series) is out there will be more changes made available that will make this simple software better and better. Keep is touch… But lets see whats new in this […]

  • 2click Update v5.3 Bug fix release

    Urgent Bug Fix Release and two more languages added : a) Fixed Bug affecting all previous releases : This bug prevents 2clickUpdate to show messages in user defined language even if user has copied the language pack of his/her choice. b) Added Russian and Spanish language pack. Now languages available are: Albanian Brazilian Portuguese Greek […]