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  • How to fix Steam for Linux video problems

    As you can probably imagine, Steam in Linux issues are related to video drivers. Thus, Valve wants to be ensured that only with the latest binary blob you’ll be able to play Steam games into Ubuntu. So, if you want to become Steam compatible you have to install proprietary nVIDIA or AMD drivers into your […]

  • The Steam for Linux Beta Survey is Out!

    The Steam for Linux limited public beta survey is now online! You can find it here: http://www.valvesoftware.com/linuxsurvey.php Over the next few days, Valve will be processing the responses. Shortly afterwards, they will notify selected participants individually and kick off the limited beta. For the latest news and announcements about Steam for Linux, stay tuned. Too […]

  • Linux STEAM beta available next week!

    Great news from Valve’s Linux blog, since these guys are not joking around. Seriously, there are going to release the “most wanted” Steam beta in Linux. The version will be only available in Ubuntu 12.04. Notice that it will be closed beta, not public, meaning that Valve is going to send Steam beta only to […]

  • Valve is preparing the ground with Intel and nVIDIA

    It is felling night, and usual thoughts have been troubling my mind once again. Not as usual as the most ordinary people might say, but as usual as most Linux users can ever think; after all thoughts being what they are. In the back room a computer’s hard drive is thinking too, reading and writing […]

  • Gabe Newell: If you want to run Steam on top of Linux that’s fine

    Yesterday, Geoff Keighley — a video game journalist from GT.TV — paid a visit to Valve Software offices at Seatle, Washington. The 20 minute interview is very well edited, interesting and not boring at all since there are many topics covered, such as Dota 2, Source Filmaker, Countrstrike Global Offensive and some thoughts of Gabe […]

  • Gamescom 2012: No Half-Life 3 Gaming Show… Linux priority ?

    The record-breaking Gamescom 2012 event has ¬†started on Wednesday August 15th, 2012, and will run until Sunday August 19th. It is sad but true Valve hasn’t make any plans for Half-Life 3 presentation as it was expected, hence lot’s of people got disappointed after this. ¬†Specifically, Valve’s VP of marketing Doug Lombardi reported:¬†[highlight color=”yellow”]We will […]

  • Valve explains how L4D2 in Ubuntu outperforms Windows

    The 39th Conference and Exhibition for Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (also known as SIGGRAPH 2012) was held in Los Angeles during 5-9 August. It’s a great place for disseminating new scholarly work in computer graphics and interactive techniques, while paper authors provide brief overviews of their work in the fast forward sessions. But this […]

  • Steam on Linux is officially announced

    As I wrote in a previous post, gaming on Linux has started becoming the new platform for the gaming industry. As of Jul. 16 2012, this is becoming even more and more reality, as Valve, the company behind Steam, has announced that Steam for Linux is coming.