uCareSystem Core v3.0 released and available in PPA

uCareSystem Core is a small software that automates the basic system maintenance processes. Now it is also available to install it via PPA if you are interested to automatically receive new features.



For those who do not remember, when you run uCareSystem it automatically and without any intervention, performs some basic maintenance processes which otherwise you would need to perform them one by one.

This terminal version is particularly convenient in two cases:

  1. You can use it e.g. along with a PC shutdown command so when it has finished maintenance it will also shut down your computer. An example command would be:
    sudo ucaresystem-core && sudo shutdown -h now
  2. You can configure it in a cron-job and let it automatically run for example every 2 days at 11 pm in the background.

Briefly, the uCareSystem Core automatically performs the following processes:

  • Updates the list of available packages
  • Downloads and install updates
  • Checks if there are any old Linux Kernels and uninstalls them. Do not worry, though, as it keeps the current and one previous version and deletes all the previous one.
  • Clears the retrieved packages
  • Uninstall packages that are obsolete
  • Uninstall orphaned packages
  • Deletes package settings that you have previouslly uninstalled

How to install uCareSystem Core

There are two ways to install uCareSystem Core. You can either download the .deb package and double click to install it or you can add the PPA and install it from there.

I just want the deb package

If you don’t want to add the PPA then you can do the following:

  • To download the package click on: View Package Details
  • Select uCareSystem Core that corresponds to the version of your distribution
  • Click the name of the package eg ucaresystem-core-xxxxxxxxx_all.deb
  • Once it’s downloaded, double-click to install.
  • To run it just open the terminal and run:
  •  sudo ucaresystem-core


OK I would prefare PPA to be able to get new features

To install it via PPA then proceed as follows:

Open a terminal and run:

 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:utappia/stable

sudo apt update

sudo apt install ucaresystem-core 

and now you can run it as follows:

 sudo ucaresystem-core 

Bonus video from an upcoming version

In the video below you will see a version that I am experimenting on and I intend to release it at some point. A key difference is that even in the terminal version, uCareSystem Core will be able to display a progress bar.


3 thoughts on “uCareSystem Core v3.0 released and available in PPA

  1. Yeah, I can’t believe this is installed in the main Linux repo’s as an App!
    I stumbled on this by accident and now I use it for every computer I maintain (neighbors, elderly etc.).
    It would be very nice if it would have a build in schedule, kind like a cron job, so I could force it let’s say every month.


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